How do I get started with Famfly?

To get started on Famfly, you need to choose your role - parent or nanny or tutor. After that, click the "Sign in" button, then "Create an account" and follow the instructions to fill out the registration form. Once your account is confirmed, you will be able to post job ads and search for profiles if you are a parent. If you are a nanny or a tutor, you can search for job postings and add additional information about yourself to your profile.

Is there a fee for using the search?

Famfly does not charge any fees to users (parents) or service providers (nannies and tutors). To prevent spam between users of the service, when opening contacts, a certain number of "connections" are debited from the balance, which give the right to communicate with each other to offer their services or order services. Conects are the service's virtual currency (token, virtual item). After registration, each user is credited with a free number of connections to their balance. The balance can be replenished by purchasing the required number of connections.

How to register as a nanny or tutor?

To become a nanny or tutor on the Famfly platform, start by clicking the "register as a nanny or tutor" button. Then you will start the registration process, you will need to fill in the information in the questionnaire that forms your resume. After filling out the application form, it will be sent to our care team for review. The next step is to invite you to a video interview where we will ask you to show us your documents to verify your identity. This step is mandatory, 99% of parents trust a nanny or tutor more when they know that their identity has been verified, and thus we increase the chances of a successful search for a large number of customers.

How to find a nanny or tutor on Famfly?

To start the search, click the "Start Search" button on the main page, then select who you are looking for. A few questions will separate you from the search results, and after completing them you will see a list of nannies or tutors, you can change the results by editing the filters. If you are satisfied with the results, click the contact button; if you are not registered, the platform will ask you to complete a quick registration, and then you can open the phone number of the provider or write to them in a chat right on the platform. If nothing came up in the search results, create an ad where you specify the necessary requirements for the artist and publish it. If you are not registered, the platform will offer you a quick registration. You can also add a phone number to your ad, which will be available to registered performers. If you choose the option without publishing your phone number in the ad, the performers will be able to contact you in a personal chat.

How to contact a nanny or tutor?

When you have found a nanny or tutor who meets your request, you can either write to the platform's chat, which is a safe method because your correspondence will be saved and in case of disputes can be regarded as confirmation of the agreement, or open the contractor's contacts, provided that the contractor has allowed them to be published in his or her resume and contact in any available way. In this case, you can contact them outside the platform.

How to verify a nanny or tutor profile?

To become a nanny or tutor and be able to respond to current job offers, please complete the easy registration form by clicking the "register as a nanny or tutor" button. Upon completion of registration on weekdays from 9-18, you will be contacted by our care service to confirm your identity, this step is mandatory, it is very important for parents because it increases the trust between you and your customers. The process itself is as follows: After registration, our manager will contact you and arrange a convenient time for a video call. The video call will be made from the company's accounts (it can be Telegram, Viber, Google meet, or Zoom). You need to answer the call and show the document next to your face. After that, your profile will be published on the Famfly platform. Then you will be able to respond to ads you like, as well as accept offers from parents directly.

How to make money as a nanny or tutor on the Famfly platform?

In order to start accepting orders and responding to ads, you need to be a registered artist with a verified profile. Next, click the start search button, select the search parameters and view the results to see a more accurate result, apply filters and browse the ads. You can view the details of the ad and contact the customer by clicking the "contact" button, after which you can write to the chat on the platform or call if the customer has allowed to publish their contacts in the ad. Then you agree on the terms, time and convenient payment method.

Does Famfly interfere with the payment process and terms?

Famfly does not intervene in the payment process - all financial transactions take place directly between parents and service providers (nanny or tutor). Parents can pay for services in cash, by bank transfer or through electronic payment systems, depending on the agreed terms. Famfly does not exercise direct control over financial transactions, we recommend that both parties ensure that payment terms are clear and transparent to avoid misunderstandings.

How to post an ad on Famfly?

In order to post an ad for a nanny or tutor, you need to click the "create an ad" button and go to the page for filling in the information, describe the task for the performer in detail, select the necessary parameters and publish it. If you are not yet registered, the platform will offer a quick registration after which it will offer to publish your ad in the job ads section.

Why do I need the Security Checklist section?

At Famfly, we value child safety and understand that when you choose a nanny or tutor, you are placing your trust and expectations in them. Our safety checklist is designed to help you make an informed choice, but we want to remind you that you always have the final say. Be sure that you use all of our tips and tricks as an additional tool in your decision, remembering that the responsibility for the final choice lies with you.

How do reviews and ratings work on Famfly?

We know how important it is to find a professional who makes you feel good, someone with whom it would be easy to leave your children. After working with a nanny or tutor you have found on the Famfly platform, you can give them a rating from 1 to 5, as well as leave a review describing your impressions of the cooperation or communication. Users with more reviews and a higher rating will be ranked and appear higher in the search.