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Terms of use of the Famfly


*last update 05/24/2024


These Terms of Use of the Service are an Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) between you as an individual user of the Service or a representative of a company (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “User”) on the one hand and FAMTECHUNITY, UNIPESSOAL LDA (registration number 517888963) (hereinafter referred to as “Famfly”, “the company” or “we”) on the other hand as a service for the selection of specialists in raising and caring for children.

Please read these Terms carefully before using our Service. If you do not agree with these Terms, please do not click the "accept" button or take any other action (including continuing to use the Service) that may indicate your agreement to read and accept the Terms of this Agreement.

What are these Terms about?

These Terms regulate the main rights and obligations of you as end users of the Service and Famfly as providers of Services for the selection of specialists in raising and caring for children (hereinafter - "Services"). Also, these Terms regulate a number of other issues that may arise within the scope of interaction between Users and the Service, in particular, but not exclusively, issues regarding confidentiality, payment for Services and dispute resolution policy.

Rights and responsibilities of users

Your rights as a parent

As a parent, you have the right to:

1. To place proposals for cooperation with care and education specialists;

2. To receive proposals for cooperation

Your rights as a representative of the Company or a specialist in the care and education of children

As a child care and education specialist, you have the right to:

1. Use the Service to offer your child care and education services;

2. Post your profile as a Care and Education Specialist to receive relevant offers for cooperation;

3. Receive proposals for cooperation, independently determining the scope of care and education services and their cost

In case of using the Service, you undertake to:

1. Use the Service exclusively for the purposes and for the purpose provided for in these Terms;

2. Not to commit any illegal actions using this Service, including in relation to minors who may act as pupils;

3. Provide only true and relevant information regarding your professional experience in the field of child care and upbringing.

Peculiarities of communication between parents and care and education specialists and companies

To establish contact, users of the service use virtual objects (hereinafter referred to as “Contacts”), which give the right to communicate with each other to offer their services or order services.

Connects are virtual items of a specific nature that can be exchanged for the opportunity to establish contact and provide offers for cooperation. The acquisition of Conntacts means the right of the Service Providers to acquire a limited, personal, revocable license without the possibility of transferring or sublicensing the use of Conntacts. The balance of Connections displayed in the account is not a real balance and has no material value, but is only a measure of the amount of the license to use the Connections. Such a license may be terminated in connection with the termination of the provision of the Service or the closure (termination) of your account. The Company reserves the right to determine the value of the Connections and has the right to distribute such Connections for a fee or free of charge. You acknowledge that all purchases and uses of Connections are final and non-refundable.

Service rights

The Service has the right to:

• At any time and without warning the Users, change the design of the Service and the content posted on it, make changes to this Agreement.

• To send Users by e-mail and other means of communication messages related to the use of the Service

• Process users' personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

• Limit the User's rights, up to a lifetime ban on using the Service, in case of using the service for unethical or illegal purposes, at its own discretion or as a result of receiving substantiated complaints.

Payment for the services of the Service

Payment for care and education services found using the Service is made using Stripe online payment service or in cash between parents and specialists/company in the case of personal agreements between the Parties.

In the case of payment using Stripe, the Service may charge a commission for intermediary services in the amount of 3% of the value of the agreement between the Parties. Please note that the Stripe online payment service has its own Agreement and Privacy Policy, which you can read at the following link: https://stripe.com/privacy

The User of the Service bears full, sole responsibility for all commissions and other costs provided by the bank, which may be added to the cost of the paid Services.

Limitation of liability

The Famfly team makes every possible effort to make your user experience as pleasant and productive as possible. However, the Service is not responsible for any possible negative consequences that may arise as a result of using the Service. Users, regardless of the scenario of using the Service, act at their own discretion and on their own initiative.

Famfly is not responsible for providing false or inaccurate information about professional experience or any other data by companies or care and education professionals. However, in case of receiving complaints of a similar nature, we undertake to take all necessary measures to avoid further negative user experience.

Users must follow all instructions and recommendations provided by the Service to ensure the safety and well-being of children under their care.

Any information posted on the Service is not a recommendation, offer, inducement or requirement for the User to take certain actions.

Privacy Policy

The information provided by the User during registration on the Service is his personal data. The User's personal data is confidential information, the collection and further processing of personal data is carried out by the Administration in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data" and other regulatory legal acts of Ukraine. The source of personal data collection is information directly and voluntarily provided by the User.

For more details on how the Service uses, stores and processes your personal data, you can read the Privacy Policy of the Service

Term and Termination

These Terms are valid for the entire period of using the Service. The term of validity of the Terms may be terminated in connection with the deletion of the account.

Governing law and dispute resolution

These Terms and Conditions (Agreement) are concluded in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The user who is located outside this jurisdiction fully agrees to submit legal relations arising during any use of the Service to the laws of Ukraine, and these Terms apply to him to the maximum extent permitted by his jurisdiction without applying any conflict of law rules.

The Parties confirm that in the event that any condition of this Agreement becomes or is recognized as invalid due to non-compliance with the law, this condition will not be taken into account or the Parties will take measures to amend the Agreement to the extent that the Agreement is valid and fully preserve the intentions of the Parties.

The User acknowledges and agrees that the resolution of all possible disputes arising from the relationship between the Parties and which the Parties were unable to settle through negotiations within at least 30 days shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Questions or additional information

If you have any questions about the features of the service, please contact [email protected]