Babysitter for an hour

      Nanny for an hour

      We perfectly understand how you feel when choosing a nanny for your baby. That's why today we're going to dot the I's and cross the T's about one of our most popular services.

      Hourly nanny: what is this service?

      This service is designed to help parents find qualified childcare quickly and safely. The principle of the service is very simple: you choose a nanny, agree on the time and responsibilities, and the specialist provides the service within the agreed time frame.

      What does a nanny do?

      The responsibilities of any nanny include:

      • provide the child with the necessary care according to the contract;
      • Ensure the child's safety while staying with the nanny;
      • ensure the child's proactive leisure time.

      The specialist can walk with the child, tell stories or play, and perform other additional duties. Most often, parents delegate control and checking of homework, as well as monitoring the child's diet.

      How to find a nanny for an hour

      With the help of our service, you can find a part-time specialist by specifying which day and for how long you need a nanny. To do this, you need to click on the "search" button and set the necessary criteria:

      • type of employment
      • your city
      • experience
      • qualification
      • education
      • additional services

      The cost of a nanny's work depends on the experience, qualifications, and scope of services provided by the specialist. Prices start at 120 UAH/hour without additional services such as cleaning or cooking.

      Advantages of the service

      1. No need to hire a full-time specialist
      2. Ability to quickly find the help you need
      3. The service allows you to test whether nanny services are suitable for you at the moment
      4. A great option in case of unforeseen circumstances

      Why you should trust Famfly

      1. We personally check the profiles of each specialist: all nannies are 100% consistent with the stated description. 
      2. We guarantee the safety of your child during care.
      3. When choosing a specialist, you can immediately verify the criteria that are important from a safety point of view: no criminal record, medical examination, and a certificate of first aid. 
      4. Only real customer reviews of nannies on the platform

      Temporary childcare with Famfly is safe, reliable, and professional. You just need to choose a specialist, and our company will take care of the rest.